Ayodhya Mandir Dispute

Ayodhya Mandir Dispute

India’s Longest Dispute

(A political conspiracy)

India a country of several religions, yet apart but living together. In India, people will judge you on the basis of your religion, your mentality is judged according to your caste because of all this, several disputes rise among individuals and that too at a very severe level as here in India a small religious discussion creates a massacre. You know what’s the main issue is here political parties give wind to the raging fire among the people. They do this to gain the votes and trust of the majority of the religion. To understand this whole religious massacre there is one example the “Ayodhya dispute”

The Ayodhya dispute is the most stretched matter of all. This dispute occur when Babri mosque was demolished by Hindu mobs as they said that there was a Ram mandir at this land which was demolished by Mughals and later on Babri mosque was built. At that time in 1992 this phenomenon took place and there was a lot of catastrophes then but later on, this matter was heard in court and decision was made to divide the disputed land among three groups which were involved in it out of three one was a Muslim group, further, these groups were not satisfied and in 2019 the final decision was made by Supreme Court that all the disputed land will be given to the Hindus as it was proved that there was a Ram mandir which was destroyed and later the mosque was built. After the court decision, the Muslim group was given an alternative land to construct the mosque.

Well according to me or you can say the whole India knew that the decision will be in favour of Hindus only because they are the majority of the population and the government wouldn’t want them to be unhappy. I have a soft corner for the Muslim people they are dominated all around the world recently , Amit shah , the home minister of our county stated that he’ll not let the illegal migrants to live in our country, he said he’ll remove them from our country , most of the illegal migrants are Muslims so again the Muslims are the ones who are dominated.

Moreover, people don’t understand the political scheme that is being used upon them, two religions fight each other and the politicians get benefits from it as a result they gain popularity and the fight continues between the two religions and yeah this is all my way of thinking.