India Bangladesh Relations.

India Bangladesh Relations.

(A tricky friendship)

Ancient India, before the partition British government, ruled it and after the partition, political leaders ruled over it. The partition happened at the midnight on 15 august 1947 and India was divided into two separate nations namely India &Pakistan. Further, Pakistan was divided and a new country Bangladesh was established. We all know the relation with Pakistan in the current era but do you know the relations between India and Bangladesh. This relation has been tricky since partition India and Bangladesh shared many things In common like the culture, traditions, taste in music, and many things.

At starting both the countries were friends but later Bangladesh developed a tier with the Islamic nations. The two countries after that were involved in many disputes. It is said that later both the countries developed a cold war alliance and further the matters got chilled out and both the countries were close strategic partners in counter-terrorism.

At first, after years of partition, their diplomatic relation was followed with the visit of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1972 and after that many peace treaties, projects were signed but then also many border disputes were there at times.

Years passed, after Indira Gandhi the next visit from our country was our current Prime minister Narendra Modi after his visit the relationships become stronger India helped Bangladesh in its overall development.

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