Core Values at SSB KAKSHA & the Process of Enrolling-

We at SSB KAKSHA have the vision to develop aspirant’s mind and personality in such a way that they are capable of getting into Defense forces within officer ranks and other ranks in defence forces as well as corporate or business world. We have observed the current scenario of the nation where every organization nowadays needs an individual who can be a great motivation, a good speaker, and a leader to lead from the front and uplift the organization.

We strongly follow our basic framework of values irrespective on any situation. We care about core SSB KAKSHA values which are settled in our heart and mind.

Integrity: We would be honest and remain to be trustworthy no matter what the situation gets to be. We are more for creating value in the country rather than going for the money.

Be humble: Humbleness is our key as we educators turning aspirants are ready to fulfil your dream which is only possible when we create a great bond with every aspirant through humbleness, honesty and trust.

Responsible- The achievement of the dream is now our responsibility no matter how hard it is to get it.

United- Staying united in the team and aspirants makes us happy to create an ecosystem to learn effectively.

Ownership- Learn like you own. Change the time and topic you want to learn anytime and anywhere.

Learn and grow- Learn from the best of the industries and make your dreams into reality.

SSB KAKSHA was established to provide every student with SSB exam Training & other defence written exam training as well as CAT courses at home via live online sessions and videos so that they can transpire into a good resource to the motherland and can also serve the nation apart from enjoying its perks. The SSB exam selection ratio is very less i.e. very fewer students are selected in SSB exam, but with the help of our interactive and fun learning, we were able to achieve a selection ratio of about 3:4. The results have improved considerably due to our special vision like Personalized classes which enables an aspirant to attend classes at their suitable time or if they need a personal trainer. We have customized our courses such as if an aspirant wants to learn only some of the topics/topics, then he/she can take only those classes. We provide cancellation anytime which enables to cancel your course anytime. We provide E-Notes, assessments, and a mock interview for the SSB exam facility until the aspirant is self-confident for the Test, which he receives from the well-trained teachers who have been in the selection processes earlier. We provide online videos for the same so it lessens the travelling time, settling time, even if you have the vision to attend the classes from a different city as now is the digitalization era. We have live classes in which the aspirants are taught regarding the tests. The physical tests for SSB exams are taught through the physical models which are present at SSB Boards.

Note: *SSB KAKSHA will provide you with the live online sessions, personalized classes, customized courses as well as the cancellation of the course at any time.

Note: *We also provide all types of books and stationery at your door step.


Visual displaying enroll process of SSB KAKSHA

Go to Courses and choose your required course, select the duration from one month to six months and just pay the fixed price which is just 10% of the defence course ONLY and pay the remaining fees later.