The Most Popular topic COVID-19

The Most Popular topic COVID-19

2020 has been a tough year for all people around the world. Several catastrophe happened this year and many more are coming I guess. Amazon wild fire killed hundreds of thousands of living animal species, several earthquakes, locust attack, cyclones and the most dangerous the corona virus pandemic.

The whole world is struggling from this virus, as we all know that this virus has taken almost 380k lives and counting worldwide. Whole economy have been collapsed, many people are struggling for food not only humans but it has an adverse effect over animals too, they are starving to death.

Do you know the funniest part of this pandemic , China who was the first country to be affected by this virus , who according to Donald trump, the U.S president created this virus ,is now helping other countries by supplying PPE kits and many things related with the treatment. Understand the chronology in between this whole situation I personally think it as a master plan of the Chinese govt. but yeah there are no proofs related with the virus creation by China. It’s my personal view off course.

The whole world is fighting, we all want to end this pandemic but we are the ones who are responsible for its growth, people why don’t you understand the sensitivity of the lockdown imposed by government, it is not a funny thing that you will take it as granted. Please follow the rules that are set for your own safety. Corona virus is not a joke you just don’t know what it does to people who are suffering from this. Don’t be a barrier if you cannot be a shield.

Total infected – 67, 35,174 plus cases

Total deaths – 393,760 plus deaths